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Fluency can run in the cloud.  Request access to Fluency and discover.


Fluency™  is a Breach Information Event Manager (BIEM). It allows security analysts the ability to interact with security data in a manner till now was impossible. Fluency works on a simple philosophy, that discovery occurs when people can receive immediate results to their searches.  A search that takes more than a minute is not a search, they are reports. Neither are searches that only see a fragment of the data.  Analysts need the ability to have a single place where they can search all the data, not just the data that caused alerts.  That means that Fluency handles metaflow data, not just alert data. This results in a holistic understanding of an incident.


Prevention is not Bulletproof.  Fluency™ highlights where prevention failed. Allowing operations to validate the issue, quarantine the victim and prevent further communication to the threat.  By using big data analytics and leveraging in place detection and network devices, Fluency shows the gap that will stop a breach.


Fluency™ is a modern approach to security event management. Fluency provides a view of the relationship between alerts, results and network activity.  No product searches, pivots or tags faster than Fluency. It can pivot 160 times faster than big data solutions, while maintaining just as much information.  With the barriers of data access gone, Fluency provides real network vision into events. Fast and complete responses to problems means lower costs and less risk.

Alerts appear in yellow to highlight to the analyst key events.


Files are evaluated by multiple antivirus products. Malicious files appear in Red.


Hostnames and other session attributes are fused with events and results.


Single security devices are not enough.  Like bugs infecting your home, when you see one alert it means you are missing more problems. Fluency fuses alerts, intelligence and metaflow data into a single accessible appliance.   It can store billions of events and network metaflow records, and still be searchable in seconds.  Responders can now discover and act to the whole attack. Fluency provides capability and speed that are lacking in Security Information Management Systems (SIEMs), making your staff more effective and your network more secure.


 “I am seriously blown away by the speed of the product, may be the coolest leap in security analysis and monitoring I have seen in a long time.”

– David Maberry, VP, Chief Risk Officer of American Fidelity


SIEM vendors already know the truth that their systems are not designed for such large volumes of data and still work in realtime operations.  As the amount of event information grows, SIEM developers need to decide to ignore information or to integrate into a big data solution.  It is apparent the SIEMs are not made to handle the volume of data that the network produces. “A number of SIEM vendors have also built connectors from the SIEM technology to general purpose big data repositories.” – Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management, Gartner 2014


The growth of information is following Moore's law, doubling every two years. Fluency eases the deployment of big data in customer space, making private cloud a reality.


It is the combination of storing more and searching faster that allows people to see more. Fast answers makes event management effective and scalable.


Fluency's unprecedented capacity means that you will be able to handle tomorrow's needs. Fluency cloud implementation even extends capacity for years.


97% of traffic flows are not available to analyze when responding to an incident.

Kill the entire problem. Most crimeware attacks contain multiple attack vectors. If you saw one, in means you missed most.

Use your time responding, not waiting. Analysts spend thirty to forty-five minutes trying to validate an event. At that rate a person can handle sixteen events a day. Most of the time is looking for data and waiting on queries.

Designed for growth. While relational databases are stressing to keep up, data keeps growing. Fluency is designed to grow with your data without increasing search time.

High availability. Fluency is designed to have high availability (HA) across virtual containers. HA at the virtual container level, having stronger and faster recovery.



1 Billion events per day.


15k Events Per Second


Second to Search it All.



While many people say cutting edge, Kun’s passion for innovation goes far beyond what others consider the edge. Much of his first year in the SecurityDo was analyzing technology changes and enhancement in technology, not just security.

Kun Luo

CTO & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur Chris Jordan who builds cutting-edge companies focused on helping enterprises and governments protect their most sensitive networks.

Chris Jordan

CEO & Co-Founder


SecurityDo® is reinventing security software, incorporating the newest technologies to make operations scale and be effective. SecurityDo was founded by Chris Jordan and Kun Luo, whose previous product was acquired by McAfee to address advanced threats. Based in the Washington DC metro area, this team is known for their technology innovations.  They are business entrepreneurs who have a passion for operations. Focused on generating true value to their customers, SecurityDo originally operated in stealth mode working with select customers in order to avoid the distraction of marketing. This allowed SecurityDo to submit patents and to perform full stack development, freeing the design team to listen to customers and innovate instead of incrementing a product from old ideas.