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Your Need

Your networks information is outgrowing your ability to manage it. Fast searchable access to all your logs means more than just compliance:

  • a means to get quick network visibility into all your events.
  • to move away from being reporting centric and focus on executing response.
  • a scalable solution that does not increase the amount of time and people as your infrastructure and data loads grow.

Your Solution

SecurityDo’s Fluency™ delivers ease-of-use with the technology needed to move forward:

  • big data to have better granularity and speed, providing more information around key events.
  • metaflow data enhanced flow information to provide the key response attributes.
  • private cloud to maintain control of your sensitive data.




Fluency is Big Data as an Appliance

No need to develop or learn complex data structures and system applications. Fluency is an easy-to-use appliance. It fuses network metaflow data with events and alerts produced from your other security devices. In order to handle this much data, Fluency uses a sophisticated three tier big data solution designed to handle billions of events.

Imagine having a giant accordion folder where each folder contains sessions and all their associated alerts. You can search this folder system at blazing speeds. And when you find something of interest can pivot. Folders can then be organized by host names, system address or even files transmitted. It cross references network activity with security alerts. The result is more complete understanding of threats in less time. This changes an organization from being paralyzed by data, to one empowered by information.

Why Fluency

Fluency operates at wire speeds before data rests. It integrates reputation feeds and validation engines while simultaneously superimposing layers of metadata into Security Incident Response. All of this means you now have the opportunity to identify, scope, respond and recover as the threat presents itself.

One Billion Events Per Day Analysis Engine
Search Your Data at the Speed of Google
Never Have to Delete Your Logs


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